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Know More About Tea Leaves

If you happen to be drinking tea every day and you have your own garden at home, then you can definitely promote sustainability by composing used leaves of the tea while not being able to compose other materials. Tea leaves are rich in nutrients and loose tea makes an outstanding mulch which can be applied directly to the soil in your garden. You can apply it by putting the collected tea in a container and right after it, place it to your garden every day or you may do it every other day.

It has been known that loose leaf tea can be applied to your garden due to its nutrients, and so as the teabags, however, the teabags cannot be put directly since it needs some effort. Many teabags are not biodegradable. However, it has been known that for the past years, the use of nylon teabags has been very prevalent. The good thing about nylon is that, it is the type of material which will not break down if you apply it to the compost. Some teabags are made of paper but are not compostable because they contain metal staples or other non-biodegradable materials.

Even with fully biodegradable teabags, one must exercise caution. While teabag companies would say that the product that they are selling are compostable and fully biodegradable, only few would mention the time required for the teabag’s decomposition. However, there are also some of the high quality teabags that can be used since they are made up of silk, however, these type of teabags decomposes slowly. Compared to other waste that can be seen in the kitchen, paper happens to decomposes slowly. The good thing about teabags is that, its inside can be directly applies to your garden, but its bag takes so much long before it decomposes, in fact, it takes much longer compared to other vegetable and fruit compost.

One of the ways in applying the inside of the teabags is by opening it, whether it is a biodegradable teabag or not. But if you happen to drink tea as part of your daily routine, then it is best to buy the tea which are not packed in nylon bags, but instead, buy the ones which are packed in biodegradable material so that you won’t be able to have a difficult time in applying the insides to the compost. But if you happen to buy a tea already packed in biodegradable bag, but you think that it decomposes very slowly, then it is time for you to remove the leaves and directly apply it to your garden. You can easily remove the leaves from the bag if you let the teabag sit overnight until it dries.

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