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Funniest Winter Season Quotes To Understand

Majority of the people are always afraid of the wintertime and they overly hate it. Even though there are people who hate wintertime, there are people who love the season or they are the wintertime enthusiasts who eagerly wait for it. It is where you have fears about the season that you garner the right kind of motivation that is derived from funniest quotes about wintertime. There are funny quotes about winter that you need to embrace during the season. As a result of embracing these funny quotes, you are assured of combating the cold somehow making the season more bearable.

The first funniest quote to embrace was written by Bill Watterson. “I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood”. It is through this quote that you get to put a smile on your face as it motivates you on finding the silver lining. Basically, it is advised that you embrace wallowing during the season. The only way you will appreciate what you have during the summertime and the hot seasons is where you wallowed during the wintertime.

The second funny quote that you need to embrace was written by Ranulph Fiennes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. It is through this quote that you will get the right wintertime clothing. These cold seasons demands that you put on a snowsuit, and inside that snowsuit, add layers of other clothing.

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation” is the third quote to embrace and was authored by Sinclair Lewis. Many people share a common feeling about wintertime and work. Everybody feels like they need to keep working as a way to manage the season.

The fourth quote to embrace was written by Bill Veeck and it points out that “”There are only two seasons, winter and baseball”. During the wintertime and season, baseball fans and players get info or messages that time is nearing for the baseball seasons. Family members are always hopefully waiting for the end of the wintertime so as to participate in the baseball season.

“Winter is much like unrequited love, cold and merciless” by Kellie Elmore is the other funniest quote to embrace. There is nothing worse in this life for human beings like an unreciprocated love. It is only after the season comes to an end that you will find the love, mercy and warmness that you need. In other words, the love you feel with not be unreciprocated anymore but it will be mutual.

Through the above quotes, you will learn more on how to stay motivated and focused for other seasons. Winter is a daunting season for many but with the right approach and positivity, you are assured of bearing it. Generally, the above are not the only funniest quotes out there about winter but are the most fundamental.